Welcome to the Puget Sound Food Network

Created and managed by the nonprofit Northwest Agriculture Business Center, the Puget Sound Food Network (PSFN) is a new web-based tool being developed to address the most pressing needs of the various players in the region’s food system. Some of these needs will be addressed through a dynamic webspace that assists networking, marketing, sales/transaction/order fulfillment, and integrated logistics. Other needs can only be addressed by assisting the growth of a vibrant relational network – connecting people across the region to groups of individuals and/or organizations with similar needs and/or offers.

The Northwest Agriculture Business Center is managing the Food Network development, with the main goals being to increase the supply of local food and to enhance the profitability and market access for the region’s producers. A star-studded Advisory Council has been created to help steer network development toward solutions for the regional food system’s shortcomings.

NABC is seeking your input on the development of a logistics, technology, and relationship network of local food producers, consumers (retail and wholesale), and logistics providers. Please add constructive comments and fill out our online survey if you are interested in becoming a participant in a Food Network designed to expand local farmers’ markets, deliver more fresh, locally-produced food to area families, and perpetuate the region’s farming heritage.

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