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Wholesale Manuals

FamilyFarmed, in Chicago, has created a direct wholesale handbook called “Wholesale Success: A Farmer’s Guide to Selling, Postharvest Handling and Packing Produce”. The publication ” Includes comprehensive sections on issues such as Building Relationships with Buyers, Food Safety, and Calculating … Continue reading

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USDA RMA AGR-Lite Insurance

USDA’s AGR-Lite is a whole farm revenue insurance program which covers natural disasters and market fluctuation for all commodities produced on the farm. The plan provides protection against low revenue due to unavoidable natural disasters and market fluctuations that affect … Continue reading

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Plants at Work

A supplement to the March 2009 issue of Sustainable Industries, Plants at Work features articles and resources for growing the “living market.” Learn about floating wetlands’ market appeal, find out how nurseries are partnering with the transportation sector on sustainable … Continue reading

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U.S. Food Market Estimator

The Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture (Iowa State University) continues to generate innovative work (as does WSU’s CSANR program). Leopold’s Marketing and Food Systems initiative has created The U.S. Food Market Estimator which is “designed to help users determine the … Continue reading

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USDA 2009 Farm Sector Income Forecast

The USDA Economic Research Service has shared it’s Farm Income and Costs: 2009 Farm Sector Income Forecast. Some of the highlights (so to speak) are below. Please visit their website to see explanations of the highlights. Net Farm Income Forecast … Continue reading

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2007 Puget Sound Ag Stats

The USDA 2007 Ag Census was released in early February. Please see the 2002 Puget Sound Ag Stats posting for previous information. While we wait for USDA to generate spreadsheets for easier data comparison across all measurements, here are the … Continue reading

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Food Pricing and Reports

In the constant search for accurate market pricing for regional fruits and vegetables we want to share some valuable resources. The USDA Agricultural Marketing Service is the Big Kahuna¬† for information. They have a Fruit and Vegetable Market News website … Continue reading

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