USDA RMA AGR-Lite Insurance

USDA’s AGR-Lite is a whole farm revenue insurance program which covers natural disasters and market fluctuation for all commodities produced on the farm. The plan provides protection against low revenue due to unavoidable natural disasters and market fluctuations that affect income during the insurance year. Most farm-raised crops, animals, and animal products are eligible for protection. It has the ability to cover the increased value of specialty commodities or markets, but only to the edge of the farm or field. Post-production added value is not covered.

As for the challenge of finding an agent, the RMA website can provide some guidance. Currently only 6 agents are listed who live west of the Cascades. However, any agent listed in the state of Washington can help.

At the RMA website

1.    Click on Agent/company locator in the Quick Links box
2.    Click on locate an agent
3.    At the licensing search criteria, select crop insurance
4.    Select the state
5.    You can then narrow the search by name, county, city etc.

The premium is offset by the USDA to make it more affordable for producers.

Deadline for AGR-Lite sign-up is MARCH 15.

Call me if you have any questions or concerns  on AGR-Lite or any other RMA program (western WA RMA program list attached).

Chris Mahelona
Spokane Regional Office
USDA Risk Management Agency
509-228-6331 Direct
509-228-6320 Fax

PDF Files:

AGR-Lite summary sheet

Western WA county crop RO

AGR-Lite Liability and premium estimates

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