Buying Local Helps Fuel Local Economies


In these economic times, when local businesses and communities are struggling to balance budgets, buying local food may just be the answer. According to a recent Washington Post article, buying produce from local farms helps keep money in communities, which actually contributes to job growth and crime reduction.

From the article:

If the population in and around Seattle bought 20 percent of their food dollars at local businesses, it would inject an extra billion dollars each year into the local economy.

Every time money changes hands within a community, it boosts the community’s overall income and level of economic activity, and fuels the creation of jobs…The more times money changes hands within the community before heading elsewhere, the better off the community is.

Buying that fresh arugula from the Sunday Farmer’s Market isn’t just good for individual health, it’s good for the health of an entire community.

Read it all here.

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