PSFN Update

The Puget Sound Food Network is quickly becoming a vibrant regional supply network that links independent producers with businesses looking to buy and move more regional food. Lucy Norris and Tim Crosby have been contacting regional producers, buyers, and distributors and connecting them with each other by gathering buyer’s product needs and matching them with regional producers that have product that matches those needs. Various broadline and smaller, more locally owned distributors have shown interested in moving more regional product by helping develop the tricky logistics of consolidating and moving a more diverse, decentralized food supply chain.

Technologically, PSFN is finalizing the foundational components of its online marketplace. The website will launch soon with the ability for values-based supply chain partners to find each other through directory and map listings, control their own profiles, make buy/sell product requests, receive current market information, and request assistance from staff to help move more product through the region. If you are a regional producer, buyer, or distributor and would like to assist in beta testing please contact Tim Crosby at

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