Photo Galleries in Profiles


Now on PSFN, all members have the ability to add photos to their accounts. This is perfect for those hoping to familiarize potential partners with your brand, your business or your products.

Those who view your member profile listing will be able to dynamically scroll through and abundance of colorful images, easily updated and maintained.

In order to make this technology possible, we’ve teamed up with Flickr to create the easiest experience. By following these simple steps, you’ll have a photo gallery up in no time.

Step 1: Go to and create an account. Signing up for Flickr is completely free.

Step 2: Set your photostream ID by going to “You” in the navigation, and then to “Your Account”. In “Your Account” scroll down to “Screen Name” and create a unique Screen Name for your photos.

Step 3: Upload photos to your account by going back to “You” and then “Upload photos and video”. This is where you’ll upload photos in the future.

Step 4: Sign into your PSFN account and click “Edit Info”

Step 5: Scroll down to where it says Flickr, enter your unique Flickr Screen Name, save and you’re done!

Your photos will now appear in your PSFN profile listing.




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