Micro-Loan Program from HumanLinks

The HumanLinks Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to systematic improvements in education, healthcare and sustainable agriculture, is offering a micro-loan program to sustainable farmers to help strengthen the Washington farming community.

As of March 2010, the Foundation, partnering with Banner Bank, will enable credit access to farmers who may not have been able to secure a loan through a more conventional bank. Administered by Banner Bank, the Foundation will give local, sustainable farmers the ability to borrow funds at a favorable interest rate (3%) for up to 2 years. The minimum loan size is $2,500 and the maximum loan size is $25,000.

This loan program will be available for the next three months. The application deadline is May 31, 2010. For more information about the loan program and fund availability, please visit the HumanLinks Foundation website at www.humanlinksfoundation.org or contact Nancy Iscovitz at nancy@humanlinksfoundation.org.

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