Spring Into Bed: Seattle’s Food Revolution Celebration

Spring into Bed is a grass-roots, city wide, garden building event and fundraiser – building, strengthening and celebrating our flourishing community food systems.

Spring into Bed is a “Fun-Run” about supporting at minimum 10 gardeners with low incomes build gardens.   However, rather than raising money for cancer research, we are working to prevent cancer–caused by poor food access–in the first place.

For anyone who is fond of the work of Will Allen– “ Stop talking and do something within 3 months” — there  is an event this Spring that requests your support .  On May 8th organizations in Portland and Olympia are both building 10 gardens on the day so Seattle can at least match that, right?

This is an opportunity for direction action–captains are needed who will help fund-raise and help build the gardens the day of the event. $1000 will build a set of 3 raised beds and help another 3 get built in the future.

Check out SpringIntoBed.org for me info.

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