PSFN Announces Opening for Skagit-based Farm to Community Coordinator (AmeriCorps)

AmeriCorps Opportunities at NABC

The Northwest Agriculture Business Center (NABC) has service opportunities for two AmeriCorps volunteers. Both positions relate to underserved communities:  eliminating hunger and providing access to food in low-income urban and rural communities.

Farm to Community Coordinator:

The Northwest Agriculture Business Center’s Puget Sound Food Network (PSFN) is receiving partial funding for its participation in one of two HEAL grants awarded to Seattle Human Services.  This project is focused on connecting local food to Seattle’s least served communities through the Congregate/Home Delivered Meal Program.  The goal of this project is to make healthy foods, preferably local products, affordable for senior congregate and home-delivered meals and child care centers by cooperatively purchasing fresh local produce through a Farm-to-Table partnership.  The Farm to Community Coordinator will work with PSFN and NABC staff and partnering organizations to support development of this innovative program.

PSFN is pleased to announce a new opportunity for a Skagit-based AmeriCorps Farm to Community Coordinator at the NABC offices in Mt Vernon. This job is open to any AmeriCorps volunteer who lives in or close Skagit, and willing and able to travel to Seattle at least one day per week for important meetings.  PSFN is seeking an individual with solid academic research and writing experience in social sciences or the humanities, someone who is a critical thinker with good analytical skills, and is eager to learn.  Preferred candidates have an academic background or equivalent professional experience in food studies or public health, has basic research and data gathering skills, organizational skills, and is also willing to share administrative support duties at the NABC offices as needed.  NABC/PSFN ideally would prefer someone who dreams of this kind of opportunity as an open door into a career in public health/food policy and/or childhood or geriatric nutrition.

For more information about the PSFN and its participation in the CPPW HEAL grant project, read our previous blog at

Farm To Market Coordinator:

The AmeriCorps volunteer will work with the staff and students of NABC’s Greenbank Farm Training Center, collaborators from outside organizations, and members of the public to support production of, and  access to, locally produced food for all members of the community based on the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) model.  Responsibilities will include marketing and other research, assisting with farm product processing and delivery to low-income familiies, demonstrating products and developing marketing materials to raise awareness of local products and the value of locally grown food, working with agriculture busineses to help  increase their sustainability and profitibility, coordinating educational workshops for farmers and the public, project administration and related support activities.

Applicants must work through the Skagit County Community Action Agency first to sign up for AmeriCorps or get pre-screened for our positions. For more information about joining AmeriCorps and applying for either of these positions, please contact:

Jennifer Rice,

VISTA and AmeriCorps Coordinator
Skagit County Community Action Agency

360-416-7585 ext. 1185 (main desk)

For more information about PSFN and the HEAL project specifically, please contact:

Lucy Norris, Project Manager, Puget Sound Food Network
206-420-1229 Seattle office (Seattle office)
360-336-3727 (PSFN office)

For more information about the Greenbank Farm Training Center project, please contact:

Maryon Attwood, Project Manager
360-336-3727 (main office)


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