F2T Partners visit F2T Producer 21 Acres

Today Karen and Emma, PSFN’s Farm to Table (F2T) team were joined by other members of the F2T Partnership on a tour of 21 Acres in Woodinville.  F2T representatives from WSDA and Aging and Disability Services (ADS), as well as senior meal site partner Catholic Community Services (CCS) were all able to make the trip out today.  21 Acres (a PSFN member since November 2010) was the first farm to make a F2T connection and delivery! In January, Farm Manager Rosy Smit personally delivered 50 lbs of freshly harvested leeks to F2T meal partner, Chicken Soup Brigade. The leeks were quickly made into a yummy Caribbean tilapia dish with lime and leeks and was delivered shortly to Chicken Soup Brigade clients. Rosy and the rest of 21 Acres’ staff  continue to be a wonderful partner in F2T and in the local food economy on the whole.

21 Acres is in the process of building an impressive structure.  Once complete, this facility will include a retail co-op for the farm’s and others’ products. The building will also have a natural root cellar, cold storage, rent-able commercial kitchens for the development of value-added products, kitchen classrooms, office space, and will serve as a drop point for wholesale transactions. The building itself will be super eco-friendly, complete with a rooftop garden, composting toilets, and even a shower to encourage employees to bike to work (21 Acres is on a couple of bike trails!).  This will be such a great, central facility – we can’t wait to see the completed building.

Check out these photos of the F2T Partnership visit to 21 Acres today!

A lovely morning in Woodinville (the weather held just long enough for us to complete our 90-minute tour!)

21 Acres Farm Manager, Rosy Smit, points out the lay of the land to F2T Partners: Rochelle Carlson (CCS), Karen (PSFN), Shoko Kumagai (WSDA), while 21 Acres Facilities Manager, Brooke, looks on

An on-site (in-field!) brick pizza oven makes 21 Acres a great spot for educational tours for all ages. Now THAT'S Farm to Table!

F2T Project Manager Maria Langlais of Aging & Disability Services checks out the farm

Mmmmm... garlic!

Karen (PSFN), Brooke (21 Acres), Rochelle (CCS), Shoko (WSDA), and Heidi (21 Acres) listen to Rosy talk about opportunities for veterans' groups at the farm

Though it looks a little austere now, come summer this will be a beautiful and flourishing comprehensive agricultural center!

Heidi Pomeroy, Retail Manager for 21 Acres, points out to the group how classrooms, kitchens, and retail space will all come together in the new facility

Thanks for a great day, 21 Acres, and thanks to our awesome F2T Partners for braving the weather to come check out the other side of institutional food service and production. What a great group of people to be working with!

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