PSFN Sponsorship Showcase: Meritage Handcrafted Soups

Continued from Spring 2012 Newsletter…

Meritage Handcrafted Soups has been a sponsor of PSFN for over a year. Owned by Shannon Moshier, Bruce Rowe, and Jeff Fisher, and based in Redmond, Meritage crafts signature soups by fusing old world cooking traditions with new world technologies.

Company Overview

We formed Meritage Soups because we believe there is a renewed interest in the foodservice industry to search out a company focused exclusively on cooking premier quality soups.  We believe in handcrafted methods, small batches, and in the importance of a product’s quality over that of its quantity. We specialize in excellence.

Meritage is a designation created by Napa Valley, California vintners to define a premier wine created by a blending of three or more grape varieties; the words Merit and Heritage come together to form Meritage.  As in the case of a fine wine, the crafting of a premier quality soup requires an artful blending of superior ingredients to a delicious end. Meritage cooks handcraft our soups with great pride and passion, employing classic culinary techniques.

Our Plant

Our soups are initially crafted in our R&D Presentation Kitchen. Great care is taken to evolve the soup recipe for production without sacrificing quality or flavor. By using smaller kettles and producing in small batches, we are able to maintain the artful preparation of a home kitchen.

Meritage Tuscan Minestrone Soup

Cooking & Ingredients

Classic culinary approaches are the backbone of our craft. Techniques, such as ‘made from scratch’ roux, differentiate our soups from the industry standard.

We support local companies whenever possible.  We use fresh and natural ingredients, gourmet spices, real cheeses, local cream, choice meats and seafood. Fresh vegetables are cut to our own specifications, beans and legumes carefully sorted, and spice blends are created in house to achieve the perfect balance for our recipes. Kosher salt is utilized only when necessary to enhance the natural flavors of our ingredients. We do not include additives or preservatives to our soups.

The end result: handcrafted…nutritious…and delicious soups!


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