NABC’s TVA Workshops Announced for 2014


2012 Cider & Perry Production -Advanced

2012 Cider & Perry Production -Advanced

NABC’s 2014 Transitioning to Value-Added Products course schedule is now uploaded to our website.  NABC offers comprehensive agri-business workshops throughout the year to provide agriculture producers with the tools and knowledge to develop and launch value-added products into the marketplace.  Topics range from basic feasibility evaluations, to advanced production techniques, sales and marketing, tapping into financial resources, and much more.

Keeping an eye on trends, NABC offers courses relevant to some of the hottest agri-business sectors.  Experts from NABC’s staff and partnering agencies and organizations lead students through such topical subjects as hydroponics, distilling, cheese production, and technical value-added food processing.  Some of the most popular classes revolve around the rapidly developing hard cider industry including the intensive beginning and advanced cider production courses, cider orchard management, and practical cider business guidance.

Whether a producer is starting a new enterprise, or is looking to expand an existing operation, these courses can help maximize success!  Please see  for details on current classes, access online registration, or to sign up to receive regularly posted Classes and Workshops reminders and updates.

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