NABC Launches Mobile Poultry Processing Unit

Pastured poultry has long been recognized as a viable enterprise for diversified family farms.  In order to access markets, farmers must have their birds processed.  Whether direct marketing, retail, or wholesale, there are specific processing regulations that must be followed and stringent guidelines for the facilities used.Truck

NABC has built and put into operation a fully staffed, self-contained, WSDA-certified Mobile Poultry Processing Unit or “MPPU,” thanks to funding from the Whatcom Community Foundation’s Sustainable Whatcom Fund.  To be eligible to use this unit, producers need to have a WSDA Food Processors License, and meet all site requirements.  The unit itself carries liability insurance, allowing poultry producers to acquire coverage through their individual farm policy.
With the arrival of the new MPPU, producers in northwest Washington have access to convenient, legal, on-farm processing, enabling them to enter the marketplace with upscale product to supply the burgeoning demand for “locally-grown” foods.  Further, this unit not only services poultry producers (including waterfowl and game birds), the line is also equipped to efficiently and legally process rabbits. Truck Interior

For more information about the MPPU project, please contact the NABC home office at 360-336-3727 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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