Potala Farms Plans to Host Local Farms

The plan for Potala Place Everett calls for a unique, exciting and vibrant retail and residential center connecting local agricultural businesses to the community. The plan calls for a mixed-use, LEED certified development that will have 220 upscale apartment homes sitting atop a 60,000 sq. ft. market place. Within The Market at Potala Place will house Potala Farms, a year-round farmers market surrounded by artisan food and wine merchants, diverse owner-operated restaurants and cafes highlighting seasonal, sustainable foods and beverages. The mission of Potala Farms is to provide residents and visitors with ready access to a variety of seasonal, fresh, local foods while building a strong sense of community through direct involvement with the farmer.

Potala Farms plans to offer consumers a broad range of fresh produce sourced solely from Washington State farms accessible 7 days a week, 10-12 hours a day.
• Specialty artisan value-added, farmer-produced items such as preserved goods, beverages, dairy products, grains & flours and small home & beauty products.
• Prepared, Grab ‘n’ Go and Restaurant-style dishes that will be created in the Potala Farms kitchen using ingredients from local farms.
• Convenient centralized checkout and customer service amenities typically found in conventional supermarkets.

Renting a Farm Booth
Potala Farms plans to host local farms each month, focusing on the seasonal crops and fresh edible goods of our region. Farmers may rent a booth for just one month or multiple. All goods sold in rented booths must have been grown/produced by the tenant farmer.
Included in each month’s booth rental:
• Choice of refrigerated (reach-in case), or non-refrigerated booth (dry rack).
• Optional dry rack locker space for back stock.
• Choice of using your farm’s own signage and displays (within Potala guidelines), or signage created by Potala Farms (at no extra cost).
• Farm booths are managed by Potala Farms employees who re-stock product, maintain displays and connect with consumers as each farm prefers (farmers and their staff are always welcome to spend time at their booths and connect with consumers).
• Advertising, marketing and community outreach surrounding the market, seasonal special events and farmer ‘meet & greet’ sessions.
• Individual farmer/farm bio highlighted on Potala Farms website and social media and promoted in outreach.
• Designated time at the central tasting station to connect with consumers, sample farm goods and promote your farm.
• All sales handled by central cashiers employed by Potala Farms. Weekly sales reports will be sent to farmers with payment for product sold.

• Retain ownership and decide pricing of fresh product.
• Clean and deliver produce to Potala Farms.
• Decide how to display and package their product for optimal shelf life and aesthetic appeal and inform Potala Farms staff accordingly.
• Host 2-4 monthly tasting/’meet & greet’ farmer sessions at Potala Farms’ central tasting station.
• Have the opportunity to sell products directly to Potala Farms kitchen.

Interested in finding out more about renting a farm booth, selling wholesale fresh products to the kitchen or selling wholesale value-added goods to the farm store?
Contact Alicia N. Moreno, General Manager, alicia@potalafarms.com

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