Poultry Processing Rental Equipment Program Expands to King County

King County poultry producers will soon have access to processing equipment thanks to a partnership between NABC and King County Conservation District. The equipment has been purchased by the Conservation District with funding provided by their new Regional Food System Grant Program. The underlying funding for their program comes from a local Conservation Rate and Charge collected from parcels throughout King County. The rental equipment will be stationed at the Grange Supply in Issaquah. Setup equip
NABC established the processing equipment rental program in 2008. The program has helped 331 producers since the program’s inception to process countless chickens and turkeys on-farm. Currently available are equipment sets stationed at the Oak Harbor and Mount Vernon Country Store locations, and the Snohomish Co-op Tru-Value. No other entity offers poultry processing equipment for rent in King County. This project will help fill the demand and allow small growers in King County more flexibility and better avenues to offer market-ready poultry.
For more information about the program, please see the NABC website or call the office at 360-336-3727.

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