NABC Transition to Value Added Workshops Announced; Sign Up Now

The essence of NABC’s purpose and mission is to support agricultural producers with the development of their farm businesses. This could be a start-up of a new farm business, the

expansion of an existing farm business, or developing a value-added product or business strategy.

NABC’s Transition to Value Added Workshop Series for 2017 will provide practical and useful information, education, and ongoing resources to help agricultural producers gain the tools they need to move their farm businesses forward. The workshops will be presented by NABC staff and collaborative partners who have a depth of experience with backgrounds in the retail supermarket industry, institutional wholesale sales, business planning and development, value-added food product development, food safety and facility development, risk management, and access to capital.

So why do you need these value added workshops? Because farming and the business of farming is multi-faceted. It’s helpful to use the three-legged stool analogy or concept. If we imagine a farm business as the seat of the stool, it will take three sturdy legs to support the seat, or farm business. The three sturdy legs for any business start-up or expansion include:
The ability to conduct competent business feasibility analyses, prepare realistic and thorough market and business plans, and in the case of value-added foods, resources for product and/or facility development.
Access to capital to finance and fuel the business development
Access to new or expanded markets to drive revenue

Each workshop will provide the learnings needed for helping you build those “sturdy legs” to the stool of your farming business.

NABC has been fortunate to develop great relationships with many successful farms and food businesses and we know that our workshops are greatly enhanced by the involvement of these experienced entrepreneurs. Presentations and panel discussions will include Aslan Brewing Company, Avenue Catering, Bow Hill Blueberries, Central Co-op, Community Food Co-op, Crown Pacific Fine Foods, Harborview Medical Center Food Services, Grace Harbor Farms, Lesedi Farm, Misty Meadows Farm, Twin Brook Creamery, and Twin Sisters Creamery.

USDA Value Added Producer Grant Boot Camp January 10, 2017
Starting Your Business January 18, 2017
Access to Capital January 24, 2017
Business Enterprise Feasibility January 31, 2017
Getting Your Products Into The Market February 7, 2017
Building A Business Plan February 14, 2017
Product Development for Value-Added Foods February 28, 2017

Costs vary for each workshop. To sign up go to the NABC website.

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