An Update on the Puget Sound Food Hub Cooperative

The Puget Sound Food Hub Cooperative (PSFH) has continued to expand in preparation for this year’s upcoming season. In early January, JoanE Mcintryre joined the Hub team as our Marketing and Sales Manager. In the past weeks, JoanE has been working in tandem with the Hub’s General Manager, Terri Hanson, and our Marketing Committee, chaired by Kai Ottesen (Hedlin Farms), to develop a broad marketing and sales plan that will work with both large institutional buyers and smaller entities like restaurants, caterers, and small food coops.

JoanE and the Marketing Committee are out delivering the Hub’s unique and compelling sales pitch: One Order, One Delivery, One Invoice! We should put that on a t-shirt.
Scott Morris has taken on the role of our Operations Manager, working with Harley
Soltes (Bow Hill Blueberries) and the rest of the Operations Committee, to develop an strategy that will smoothly and efficiently connect the great products our farms create with the buyers, near and far, large and small who are eager for this service. Operations meetings have been filled with discussions about warehouse efficiency, delivery routes, and the merits of purchased trucks versus contracted trucking. Scott and the committee have put considerable time into organizing and equipping our Best Rd. Warehouse to create an efficient system for receiving, storing, and delivery of the products our members grow. Scott is in the market for another refrigerated truck and is looking to hire additional warehouse staff. If you have any leads, please give him a call, or you can always call us at the PSFH (360) 336-3727.

At the core of this effort is the integrity and products of our member farms, everything else is supporting cast to this main event: the real deal, our local farms and farmers.

“Let’s make 2017 the year the Hub shifted into high gear as the region’s preeminent farmer owned coop, the place to source delicious, high quality food, produced by local family farms,” Mike Finger, President Puget Sound Food Hub Cooperative

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