NABC Helps Launch Cascadia Cooperative Farms

NABC has been working with Cascadia Cooperative Farms (CCF) egg and pastured poultry cooperative in King and South Snohomish Counties to provide technical assistance, market development, and business planning services.

CCF brings together small local farms raising pastured poultry to feed our communities using ethical, humane, and ecologically responsible practices. CCF creates pathways for farmers to market their products and ensures the well-being of the farmer, community, land, and animals raised.

Their goal for their farmer members is to connect them to new markets, help them earn fair compensation for their products, and alleviate some of the burdensome tasks related to producing poultry products, thus freeing up valuable time that can then be spent strengthening farm operations and maintaining life balance.

The services that CCF provides include:

  • Aggregation of eggs and other poultry products
  • Egg washing using a commercial egg washer
  • Packaging and temperature-controlled product storage
  • Marketing and sales under the CCF brand
  • Product delivery
  • Customer invoicing and payment collection
  • Timely payment to members

To date in 2017, NABC has successfully worked with the CCF board and steering committee to create an operating financial model and budget based on projected sales through various outlets, including the Snoqualmie Valley Farmers Cooperative and the Puget Sound Food Hub, for 2017.

We have also provided market research, sales assistance, and grant research and writing assistance to this cooperative, as well as offering them technical support for their transition to becoming a 521 Agricultural Cooperative.

This summer CCF anticipates having eggs available in stores, restaurants, and CSA subscription services around the region. And don’t forget to ask for them by name at local stores.

While their website is under construction you can also find Cascadia Cooperative Farms on Facebook.

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