Wholesale Farming Success - Selling Into Wholesale Markets -

Where: Community Food Coop Connections Building, 405 East Holly Street , Bellingham, WA 98225 ().
Date: Dec 7 2017 - Dec 7 2017
Time: 8:45am - 1:00pm
Event description:

Location: Community Food Coop Connections Building, Room 103
Address: 405 East Holly Street, Bellingham
Registration: 8:45 AM
Workshop: 9 AM - 1 PM

This half-day workshop is the second installment of NABC's Wholesale Farming Success series.  The workshop will be meaningful to all producers and their selected employees. The workshop will prove invaluable to those producers that want to sell wholesale, providing them with the opportunity to improve their product merchandising & marketing, as well as their sales skills. This class is geared for:

•  The person that works with assembling and packing: important to know why food is packed in specific fashion, cleaned & trimmed, & held at specific temperature, marketed in specific fashion for maximum sales
•  The person delivering food to a distribution warehouse - important to know that doing your job well is important to safety in handling; why proper storage at aggregation site can make or break accuracy of your products delivery
•  The person who will be making a sales call on a customer or distributor - how do you get to the right person in a timely fashion; what turns a complaint into a sales opportunity? How can you avoid the pitfalls that undermine your sales call?

•  Tour of downtown CFC with Dave Sands, Produce Manager discussing how to meet retailer expectations
•  Aslan Brewing Company Executive Chef Dave Reera discussing how to meet the needs of a foodservice operator
•  Presentation by Jade Vantreese, PSFHC Sales & Marketing Coordinator explaining how the PSFHC prepares & engages producers for wholesale markets
•  NABC Account Manager and career sales specialist Karen Mauden addressing the things no one tells producers about selling into wholesale markets

Beverages and late-morning snacks will be provided.