Poultry Processing Equipment Rental

How it Works:

  1. CHECK AVAILABILITY by selecting a Booking Calendar from the menu to the right.  Check the pick up location website for business hours and address.
  2. RESERVE & PRE-PAY -- Reservations and pre-payment is required for use. The fee is $25 for the first 48-hr period, and $25 for each additional 24 hours.  To reserve online, follow the instructions displayed above the booking calendar you select. Note: no PayPal account is required - when you click to pay, just sign in as a guest user! Or, call the NABC office at (360) 336-3727 to complete your reservation and payment by phone. 
  3. READ THE USAGE AND INSTRUCTIONS PAGE (see right sidebar).  Phone orientation available; call the NABC office at 360-336-3727 M-F 8-4pm.  These safety and usage tips may be updated from time to time - please review before using the equipment to make sure you have the most current information.
  4. FIRST-TIME RENTERS ONLY: Please  include a page from your homeowners or renters insurance if applicable with the rental paperwork that includes contact information for your insurance company.
  5. PICK UP: Please bring 1) your proof of online or pay-by-phone payment, 2) completed pages 1 & 2 from the Processing Equipment Checkout Agreement each time you rent, 3) a page from your homeowners or renters insurance if applicable (only if you're a first time renter) as proof of insurance. Reservations are refundable if the NABC office is notified 3 business days before the pick-up date.
  6. CHECK OUT TIME for equipment is 4pm or after: warehouse personnel will inventory and check off all equipment you are responsible for. Use equipment following the directions given during phone orientation and/or on the website.
  7. CLEAN THE EQUIPMENT BEFORE RETURNING - remove feathers from the plucker, scrub blood, mud and debris off all surfaces.  Failure to clean the equipment adequately will result in a $25 cleaning charge.
  8. If you experience equipment malfunction please inform the store from which you pickled up the equipment or contact the NABC office.  The equipment is equipped with a 3-prong grounded plug for safety reasons - do not modify the plug. DO NOT ALTER OR REPAIR THE EQUIPMENT - doing so could render the equipment inoperable or result in a hazardous  condition. 
  9. CHECK IN cleaned equipment by 4pm or before on drop off date.  Warehouse personnel will verify all equipment has been returned, and in good condition. Renter is liable for replacing equipment not returned.


NABC is helping northwest Washington farmers to overcome processing barriers when bringing farm products to regional markets. Processing poultry safely and legally are common obstacles for small scale, value-added agriculture enterprises. In order to meet growing demand for farm-direct poultry, mobile poultry processing equipment can help small-scale farmers process their fresh, local, poultry products in order to compete in the regional market. NABC is proud to rent our Featherman processing equipment to small-scale poultry producers.

This equipment may be used in conjunction with the WSDA permits for on-farm sales or for home consumption of poultry. Demand for Featherman equipment is very high therefore we require advance rental reservations, and recommend making your reservation at least one month in advance (or longer for the Thanksgiving holiday turkey season).

This NABC program is sponsored in part by Skagit Farmers Supply, Snohomish Co-op True Value, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Washington State Department of Commerce.

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