2007 Puget Sound Ag Stats

The USDA 2007 Ag Census was released in early February. Please see the 2002 Puget Sound Ag Stats posting for previous information.

While we wait for USDA to generate spreadsheets for easier data comparison across all measurements, here are the highlights:

We have more farms creating higher value products off of fewer total acres.

We now have over 12% more farms across the 12 Puget Sound counties. We gained over 3% in total market value but lost almost 5% of our farmland in the process.

Below is a screenshot and a pdf link of the highlights.

2007 Puget Sound Ag Census Highlights

2007 Puget Sound Ag Census Highlights

Some of the changes are worth noting. The highs and lows of each highlighted category:

  • Kitsap County lost over 77% of it’s 2002 market value while Island County gained over 46% over the same period.
  • Pierce County lost almost 2% of it’s farms while Mason County gained 47%.
  • Whatcom lost 30% of it’s producing farmland while King gained 18%.

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