Former AmeriCorps State Member Ann Leason is new PSFN Operations Manager

PSFN is pleased to welcome Ann Leason to the Northwest Agriculture Business Center in Mt Vernon.  Former AmeriCorps State Member assigned to NABC, Ms. Leason exceeded expectations as PSFN’s Data Manager and quickly became an important team member we could not afford to lose.  After a short break, she will return to PSFN as part-time PSFN Operations Manager starting July 26th. Ann will manage specific member accounts.  She will also act as key liaison between PSFN project leader and existing and potential members while managing day-to-day operations for the Network at the Mt Vernon office. Ann will continue to be the communications hub for offsite project and account managers, and will facilitate member training and outreach. Her combined professional experience in farming, corporate food marketing, communications and event management fits her new role at PSFN.


Ann is passionate about community, farming and the importance of local food. She spent three years as a part of Cardo’s Organic Sprout Farm in Ponder, Texas. She was also part of the operations team of a newly opened CSA, also in the North Texas Area. She is a member of the 2009 WSU Master Gardeners of Skagit County and holds a B.S in Radio-Television-Film from the University of Texas at Austin.


We asked Ann what she likes best about living in Washington.  “I like the diversity of Washington and Skagit County specifically…. I love that a variety of crops will grow in this soil, and there are many different types of farmers growing the food.

“While growing up in Texas, especially in my small farming community, there were only tomatoes, peppers, garlic and cows. Here – so many different crops are available almost year round. The temperate climate has allowed me to grow veggies that I used to just drool over in seed catalogues.

“And the trees – I sometimes still feel claustrophobic by the mere size of them. I never knew there were so many shades of green.”


Join us in welcoming Ann to NABC staff!  Ann can be reached at 360-336-3666.

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