Farm to Table Project – Call for Producers!

The PSFN Farm to Table team is hard at work connecting local producers to our three senior meal programs.  We have several committed producers, but are looking for more.

We want YOU!

PSFN Farm to Table (F2T) is looking to fill the pipeline of produce deliveries for January, February, March and April.  We would love to speak now with anyone that has winter produce to sell. In fact, we would love to speak to you if you have any produce to sell in 2011 – if you want to work with F2T, this is the time to be heard while you have the opportunity to order and plant seed for our project.

PSFN’s role is to connect farms directly with senior feeding sites and childcare centers.  We will work with you, the producer, to figure out the logistics, coordination and timing of deliveries should there be any challenges.  It is a new business model and we are in the initial stages – we welcome you to join us to provide input.  By April we will have established the systems and networks we need to get the job done. We want to hear what you have to say now as this will help us create the best future business model for all involved.

What can you bring to the table?

Our mission is to bring local fruits and vegetables to the meal sites, so produce is our top priority.  We are currently looking for available winter produce in order to meet our commitment to bring fresh food to the tables of local seniors by March 2011.  The pilot stage of the project will continue through the height of the growing season and we will be seeking an enormous diversity of spring and summer produce.


Our F2T partner sites can offer you these benefits:

1.    Volume sales

  • Catholic Community Services (Lakewood) is serving 500-800 meals/day
  • Chicken Soup Brigade (Seattle) is serving 200 meals/day + 120 grocery bags/day
  • Two new sites (Auburn, Seattle) are requesting produce as well – each serving 120 meals/day
  • City of Seattle Childcare will be ready for orders in the near futureDon’t have large volumes?  We’re happy to try to aggregate products from several area farms to meet volume needs while offering steady business to many producers.

2.    Opportunity to sell surplus produce and “seconds”

Should you have any produce that would otherwise be written off as lost sales, we have sites that will pay for that produce

3.    Potential for long-term, large-volume local customers

4.    The opportunity to participate in the nation’s first-ever senior-focused, wholesale, institutional, direct marketing local food project


Price – it is always an issue, what are the sites looking for? Generally, an EP (Edible Portion) price of $.50-1.20/lb; AP (As Purchased) pricing of $1.50/lb or less.  If serving a whole portion, such as an apple, the sites generally stay in the 20-30 cents/each range.

We will not ask you to price your product in any specific way. You are in business, and we want you to have a sustainable business, one that can support you and those that work for you, and help your farm continue profitably.  We are pleased for any way that the F2T project can help you, and any way that you can help F2T.


If you’re interested in participating in or learning more about the Farm to Table project, please contact Karen Mauden, Farm to Table Coordinator: (425) 466-8722;

Thank you for your interest in helping us ensure ALL of our neighbors have access to fresh, healthful food.

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