Successful Workshop for Beginning Farmers and Food Businesses

In partnership with Growing Veterans, Viva Farms, and the Washington State University Skagit Extension, NABC held a successful work shop to connect 21 beginning farmers and food business with lending programs and resources. Lending programs and technical assistance support in attendance included:
* Community Capital DevelopmentNew Picture JPG
* Community Food Co-op Farm Fund
* Community Sourced Capital
* Industrial Credit Union
* North Coast Credit Union
* Northwest Farm Credit Services
* USDA Farm Services Agency
* USDA Rural Development
* Economic Development Association of Skagit County-SBA Small Business Development Center

The workshop was brief on presentations and organized with plentiful time for the participants to engage directly and face-to-face with the lending programs’ representatives. There were ample interpretive services for Spanish-speaking participants and specific lending programs geared toward supporting U.S Veterans. Some of the participant and presenter comments included:
* “Good to do the rounds and touch base with people to follow up later.”
* “Great to be able to ask specific questions and network.”
* “I am so grateful to have attended this workshop-valuable information, very well organized, with good presentations.”
* “As a presenter this was one of the best workshops I’ve attended. Thank you! I was entirely inspired by the projects, farmers, and what they are trying to do. This is great motivation and direction to providing capital and access.”

NABC is working towards holding another Access to Capital workshop in February 2016.  Check our website for further details.

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