Upcoming NABC Workshops on Poultry & Produce

The next two NABC events are coming up very soon: the Prepping Your Produce For the Market tour on June 28th, and Hands-On Poultry Processing on July 12th.

Prepping Your Produce is a Skagit Valley-based tour where  post-harvest activity and logistics will be observed in action.  The three site, self-driven tour includes stops at the Puget Sound Food Hub warehouse, Ralph’s Greenhouse, and Skagit Flats Farm. See how the pros prep vegetables on-farm for wholesale customers, and learn tips for working smoothly with a distribution warehouse.

Hands On Poultry will be hosted at the Organic Farm School on Whidbey Island.  Students will learn about poultry processing technique from start to finish on board NABC’s Mobile Poultry Processing Unit, food safety strategies, and regulatory considerations for those intending to sell raw poultry.  Open to both commercial and non-commercial producers.

With just a few attendees spaces remaining in each event, register soon so you don’t miss out!

Hands On Processing Workshop

Wholesale Farm Success: Prepping Your Produce For the Market Tour

See the NABC Classes and Workshops page for our current schedule – classes are posted throughout the year.

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