State Legislature Supports the Northwest Agriculture Business Center
Representative Kelli Linville
Operating funds for NABC were included in the 2007-09 operating budget approved by the Washington Legislature earlier this year. $495,000 per year has been provided to support staff, operating expenses, and program expenses. This funding has allowed NABC to add additional staff members in order to expand services being provided to local farms.

Representative Kelli Linville (Bellingham) provided the leadership to secure this appropriation in the operating budget and we commend her on her continued work on behalf of agriculture. Key supporters in the Senate were Mary Margaret Haugen (Camano Island) and Harriet Spanel (Bellingham). Additional support was received from Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon, Whatcom County Executive Pete Kremen, Skagit County Board of Commissioners, Island County Board of Commissioners, and the San Juan County Council. We would also like to recognize the support we received from farmers and agricultural organizations throughout the region.

Thank you to all of our legislators who support the northwest region in Olympia!

District Legislator
Senator Rosemary McAuliffe (D)
Rep. Al O’Brien (D)                   
Rep. Mark Ericks (D) (A)                 
Senator Mary Margaret Haugen (D)
Rep. Chris Strow (R)
Rep Barbara Bailey (R) (A)             
Senator Paull Shin (D)
Rep. Mary Helen Roberts (D)
Rep. Brian Sullivan (D)                 
Senator Darlene Fairley (D) (W)
Rep. Maralyn Chase (D)
Rep. Ruth Kagi (D) (A)            
Senator Jean Berkey (D)
Rep. John McCoy (D)
Rep. Mike Sells (D)                  
Senator Val Stevens (R)
Rep. Kirk Pearson (R)
Rep. Dan Kristiansen (R)                
Senator Harriet Spanel (D)
Rep. Dave Quall (D)
Rep. Jeff Morris (D)                
Senator Dave Brandland (R) (W)
Rep. Doug Ericksen (R)
Rep. Kelli Linville (D) (A)          
Steve Hobbs (D) (W)
Rep. Hans Dunshee (D) (A)
Rep. John Lovick (D)                  
D = Democrat
R = Republican
W = Member, Senate Ways and Means Committee
A = Member, House Appropriations Committee