Carolyn Foundation Funds Regional Food System Project
NABC is participating in a regional effort led by the Cascade Harvest Coalition (CHC) to examine the feasibility of establishing a multi-purpose agricultural processing facility─just one remedy to barriers in providing a safe, fresh, local food supply. Processing facilities would serve farmers in the Puget Sound Region as they meet the growing demand for locally grown and processed food products. The Carolyn Foundation is funding a strategic planning process bringing together producers, food buyers, business leaders and local decision makers to look at the entire food chain from farm to consumer. Carolyn Foundation of Minneapolis is a family foundation which supports programs that effect positive change now and for the future. The initial planning group included the following organizations; additional organizations are joining this core group as the project moves forward.

Regional Food System Project Participants
  • Cascade Harvest Coalition
  • Charlie's Produce
  • Full Circle Organic Farm
  • Island Grown Farmers Cooperative
  • Northwest Agricultural Business Center
  • Organically Grown Company
  • Skagit Farmers Supply Cooperative
  • Snohomish County
  • WSDA Small Farm and Direct Marketing Program
  • WSU King County Extension and WSU Small Farms Team